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by Graham Sturgeon, co-editor

  The Corunna City Council unanimously passed an ordinance on Monday, Sept. 16 that prohibits the use of electronic smoking devices on school and adjacent public properties. The offense is a civil infraction that carries fine of $50 for a first offense, $100 for a second offense and $150 for a third offense. After three offenses, offenders can be charged with a misdemeanor for a fourth transgression.

   According to the ordinance, No. 19-03, “No person shall use, possess, sell, give or furnish alternative nicotine products; vapor products, inclusive but not limited to electronic smoking devices, E-cigs, E-cigarettes, electronic cigarettes, cigars, cigarillos, pipes or similar products or devices; vapor cartridges, or other containers of nicotine in a solution or other form that is intended to be used with or in the electronic devices; or devices, or products all above set forth.” The council also added language allowing the use of FDA-approved nicotine cessation products such as nicotine gum or patches for persons 18 years of age and older.

   “This is not something we’re doing as a knee-jerk reaction to what’s going on at the state and federal level,” explained Corunna City Manager Joe Sawyer. “We have actually been working hand in hand with the Corunna school district for a good six months now to put something together to control use. Vape pens are easy to disguise and don’t give off smoke, and our school has been having a real issue with that, as are many schools across the nation right now, so they [Corunna school administrators] came to us to see if we could help curtail use on school property.”

  The Corunna City Council can be seen during the Sept. 16 meeting. Shown (from left) are council members John Lawson and Helen Granger, Mayor Pro-Tem Chuck Spring, Mayor Charles Kerridge, Deputy Clerk Jenny Stout and council members Mike White and Judy Horton.

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