On Wednesday, Nov. 25, St. Paul School in Owosso hosted a Buddy Day. St. Paul students were allowed to invite friends, who do not normally attend St. Paul School, to experience St. Paul. Those who participated in the Buddy Day did not have school at the school they regularly attend.

During their visit, the students enjoyed being a part of St. Paul School by participating in various activities. Kindergartners and eighth graders invited their buddies to their annual Stone Soup celebration. In the sixth grade classroom, St. Paul students and their buddies discussed limericks and wrote original limericks with one another. The St. Paul fifth graders and their buddies went to the library. While they were there, the buddies saw different groups give “Book Talks.” After library they did an activity where they learned how old they would be on each of the planets.

“The St. Paul staff and students were happy to share their school with their guests,” said a teacher. “There will be other opportunities for St. Paul students to invite their friends to attend future ‘Buddy Days.’ If you would like to know more about future St. Paul Buddy Days, please call the St. Paul School office, (989) 725-7766.”

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