THE ARC OF SHIAWASSEE has relocated bingo to the historic Shiawassee Conservation Club, approximately four miles north of Owosso, and the move is proving to be a positive investment for both organizations. The Arc, which had been located for numerous years on W. M-21 in Owosso, relocated into The Armory building on Water Street just a few months ago. However, though the transition offers many exciting opportunities for the nonprofit, there was not room for bingo in the new location. After some efforts in the transition that included the American Legion generously offering up bingo space, though the state refused them licensing since they are quite particular, the Shiawassee Conservation Club invited the Arc to utilize the facilities they already had in place. Bingo licensing was approved for the conservation club, which is all on one level with easy access for people with mobility limitations. The conservation club also has a kitchen they were eager to have used more often, and plenty of convenient parking. New bingo equipment is now in place, as well. “Many of the regular players were ecstatic,” shared Arc Executive Director Lynn Grubb, “this all fell into place and just worked.”

     Bingo is now offered at the conservation club on the same days as prior – Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays. The public is invited to check it out at the new location.

   Grubb also shared how the move into The Armory has been truly nice for the group. “The Armory is great. Summer Camp was great. It is nice to be in town, to be able to walk places. The move has been great for us.”

   All of the Arc programs have continued. The annual Halloween dance is planned for Monday, Oct. 29 at the ZCBJ Hall on Owosso Avenue. Covenant Eyes stepped forward to sponsor that event. The 2nd annual Ales & Auctions fundraiser is planned for Friday, Nov. 2 at Fortitude on S. M-52. Tickets are already being sold for that fun event. The Operation Friendship Program is already in the organizational process, too. Operation Friendship, dating back to 1979, allows the Arc to deliver gifts to the developmentally disabled during the Christmas season – individuals who would not otherwise receive much during the holidays. Volunteers and donations are always needed, of course. Usually about 50 individuals or families benefit from the gift-giving effort.

   The Shiawassee Conservation Association (above) was organized in 1907, making it the oldest conservation club in the nation. The M-52 clubhouse where bingo is now offered, was the first permanent home for the club, and was built in 1926 as a monument to famed Owosso author and conservationist, James Oliver Curwood.

   For more on the conservation club, call (989) 725-7588. For more on the Arc of Shiawassee, call (989) 723-4641.

 (Independent Photo/Karen Mead-Elford)

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