BRIAN BEGOLE is sworn into his new position as the new sheriff for Shiawassee County on Thursday, Dec. 1 by the Honorable Ward L. Clarkson as shown. The ceremony was held in the former chambers of BeGole’s father, George, who served as a judge in Shiawassee County’s 66th District Court for 16 years. After a few words to the packed courtroom, BeGole said this about his upcoming job as Shiawassee County’s Sheriff, “I pledge to do everything I can to bring protection to you (the audience) and Shiawassee County. Let’s all work together.”

BeGole has been serving Shiawassee County for over 25 years, continuing a family tradition of public service and trust. As a Road Patrol Sergeant, BeGole has valuable experience regarding services at the sheriff’s office.

The new sheriff realizes his new office needs to be restructured and will soon be evaluating each and every job in order to determine its necessity. His goals are to root out petty politics and ensure tax dollars are used for the things that matter most. One of his key points is using, more effectively, other police agencies in the county to work together as a team.

The new sheriff is known for continually interacting with the public to gain better insight into what the sheriff’s office needs to perform effectively, and he will proceed in making the appropriate changes for improved services.             (Independent Photo/Elizabeth Wehman)

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