LOCAL AUTHOR Pastor Cal Emerson, shown here, wants others to know how to find the ‘hidden treasures’ in their lives. He’s helping others discover this by publishing his third novel entitled, “Peace, A Hidden Treasure (in plain sight).” (Courtesy Photo)

“I have missed out on so much that life has to offer,” states retired Pastor Cal Emerson. “That is why I am writing the Hidden Treasure series of books. God wants to bless us with so many things as we walk on this earth, treasures that we search for and things we desire but never seem to find.”

His third book, Peace, A Hidden Treasure (in plain sight), reveals a treasure that is so evasive. He states, “We all desire to experience peace, but the world that seems to be in chaos. We worry about wars, mass shootings, bombings, driving on slippery roads, meeting deadlines, family finances, popularity, being loved, and many other things. We have no control over most of these concerns and that makes us worry even more. These are the issues that rob us of peace.”

His book is complete with a detailed treasure map plus moments of humor he shares from his own personal life. Emerson states, “The treasure is in plain sight but very few will ever find it. It is a peace that rests deep within our being.”

Emerson has written two books prior to this one. They are Joy, A Hidden Treasure (in plain sight) and Love, A Hidden Treasure (in plain sight). All three books are available at Books and More on Exchange St., in Owosso.

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