A $1,000 DONATION was presented to the Shiawassee Humane Society Tuesday, April 19. Shown here are Mark Agnew, of Agnew Graphics and Signs; Dave Faulker, Executive Director of the Shiawassee Humane Society; and Valerie Clark, a 2016 Curwood Festival Queen Court member.Owosso High School graduate Clark, who attends Baker College, was asked during the Curwood Festival Queen Pageant, “If you were to make a play about Mr. Curwood, who would you have play him?” Her answer, “Mark Agnew, because he has made such a big impact on our community, and I think he would represent Mr. Curwood well.”

Agnew heard about Clark’s answer and said, “I was flattered that the things I have done have impacted a young person. I decided to make a donation and let her choose the charity that it goes to.”   (Independent Photo/Melissa Shepard)

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