Caroline Wilson is pleased and honored to announce her candidacy for the Shiawassee County Clerk position. Wilson is currently serving as the Office Manager for the Friend of the Court (FOC) and says, “I have gained a better understanding of the complexities of county government including its capabilities, limitations, and interaction with the community.

“As the County Clerk, I can be a valued partner by taking advantage of my talents, experience, and importance of accuracy, skills, and perspectives gained from my 21 years with the Friend of the Court. These personal skills, knowledge, experience and interacting with the public will be used to bring people together toward common goals and unity while using sound judgment. In my candidacy I look forward to establishing positive relationships with each and every clerk in the county.”

As the Manager for the FOC, Wilson says she is a vital and active link between the people of the county and the FOC, “In this role I am constantly in touch with both citizens and the court and I have a thorough understanding of their needs and desires. Therefore, I believe the primary role for the County Clerk position should be to act as a lawful advocate for the citizens of Shiawassee County. I believe that everyone should be treated with equal dignity and respect. My talents, strengths, and skills would be greatly beneficial. One of the foundations of any thriving community should include personal interaction while serving the public with integrity, forthrightness, and humility. My pledge is to bring these qualities with sound judgment to Shiawassee County. I look forward to a positive campaign, meeting citizens, and tackling the challenges that are set before me.”

Wilson has been a resident of Shiawassee County for 36 years, married to David Wilson for 23 years and has two sons, Cameron and Avery. She graduated from Owosso High School in 1982 as well as Baker College in 1987 with an Executive Secretarial degree. She is involved with the Owosso Homeschool Association from 2007 to the present and a volunteer at the YMCA. She has been a blood donor for 33 years and attends the First Church of God in Owosso.

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