THE CITY OF DURAND released more information regarding the water emergency the city experienced Sunday, July 3, and the problem occurred due to the failure of water department computers that control the city’s water distribution system. While the temporary failure of the computers is the direct reason for the loss of water pressure, which led the city to issue a boil water ban Sunday night, the issue was actually a freak occurrence that was made possible by the draining of the city’s water tower while it is being re-painted. The tower plays a big role in maintaining the city’s water pressure, as gravity creates hydrostatic pressure by pulling water from the tower and into the water system. The pumps share in maintaining the water pressure, but the tower re-painting project turned the pumps from a safety valve into the primary source of water pressure for the city. On the bright side, the city now realizes that the water department will require one more backup measure, even though the opportunity for the same issue happening will not arise until the next time the water tower is out of commission. (Independent Photo/Graham Sturgeon

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