DURAND RESIDENT Kathy Wilson has started placing bags of winter scarves, hats, mittens and gloves throughout the city of Durand for anyone who may be cold and in need of warm gear. Wilson was inspired by similar initiatives carried out in neighboring communities in past years, and the idea came to her after cleaning out her closets recently.

  After finding an over-abundance of winter accessories during her cleaning spree, Wilson decided, instead of taking the items to the Salvation Army like she normally does, that she would help others in her immediate community. She then checked with city officials to see if she could place the items throughout the community for others to use and was given the green light, provided items are packaged in sealed plastic bags and tied to public structures such as light poles, benches or bicycle racks. Wilson hopes her supplies reach individuals who would otherwise be too proud to ask for help, such as teenagers or the elderly.

  As can be seen in the accompanying photo, items have been placed throughout Durand, at locations such as Optimist Park and Trumble Park. Anyone who wishes to join Wilson’s effort can purchase, package and place their own items throughout the city, though officials do urge items to be contained within sealed bags and hung only on public property.

(Courtesy Photo)

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