Walls of Warmth Cancels Winter Homeless Shelter

Volunteers still needed…

Note: Walls of Warmth is looking into possible partnerships at nearby permanent shelters to provide shelter for homeless individuals in need. They are also seeking volunteers that will help with the supply of needed personal care items. If you are interested in helping, please call Deb at (989) 277-4943, or Penny at (989) 723-0755.

The executive committee for Walls of Warmth (WOW) Shiawassee, in conjunction with the WOW Operations Team, has cancelled the WOW rotating homeless shelter for the winter 2017-2018 season. Multiple reports of a bedbug infestation among some of the local homeless community have created a health concern that a volunteer rotating shelter is not equipped to handle. Permanent shelters in Lansing and Flint have reported problems with this same issue and have instituted admissions processes that include guest showers and high-heat cleaning of clothes, processes that are not possible in the current WOW program. For the short-term, WOW is seeking to partner with area permanent shelters to provide options for those in need. More information on these options will be released as it becomes available.
“We believe this moment shows us the need for a permanent shelter in Shiawassee County,” WOW representatives share. “A fully staffed shelter with the resources to handle these difficulties is necessary for the growing homeless population in our midst. WOW intends to turn our time and resources toward developing this permanent solution. We will quickly be reorganizing and reaching out to our volunteers and community partners with a new vision toward creating a permanent shelter.
In the meantime, the Walls of Warmth Executive Committee is seeking volunteers to help supply this population with personal care items throughout the season. More details will be shared in the upcoming weeks.
“We are deeply grieved not to be able to care for the homeless community in the same manner that we have over the past two years,” WOW representatives explained. “However, concern for bedbug infestations in our host churches and volunteers’ homes have forced us to make this difficult choice. Removal of an infestation has a potential to cost thousands of dollars and we cannot ask supporters to assume that risk,
“We understand that some of you are disappointed and frustrated with this decision. We are also. Please know that we remain committed to caring for the homeless in our midst and applying our attention and energies to a long-term solution for their care. We invite you to join with us in looking for creative, safe, and permanent solutions to this need.”
Anyone interested in volunteering with WOW can call Deb at (989) 277-4943, or Penny at (989) 723-0755.

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