JOHN AND MORGAN BEILFUSS, owners of the award-winning Lula’s Louisiana Cookhouse and also Lily Pearls Lounge in downtown Owosso, volunteered their considerable restaurant talents to provide dinner to approximately 75 hungry people during the Dinner in the Park event on Sunday, Sept. 30. The event was organized by Homeless Angels and took place in Bentley Park on the corner of M-52 and Stewart streets. The concept was to provide a pleasant Sunday meal to individuals in this area who are homeless or in need of a decent meal.

   Sheriff Brian BeGole and Dan McMasters from the Shiawassee Board of Commissioners assisted, too. The donated vegetables had been grown in the highly successful garden at the county jail.

   The dinner included deliciously prepared pork roast with mushroom gravy, butternut squash and braised cabbage.

   Homeless Angels is a nonprofit organization trying to raise awareness for both the homeless and those in need. The group is currently working to provide shelter at the new campus hotel in the Woodbury building on Park Street. More information on this group can be found at An SOS Monthly Partnership is available on the website for $19 per month to help a homeless person have a “safe” sleep over. Other donations are always welcome, too.

(Courtesy Photo)

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