With the Tuesday, Oct. 9 deadline to register to vote in the November 6 midterm election behind us, and with approximately four weeks until the election, here are the candidates for seats on governing bodies in Shiawassee County’s villages, cities and townships, with the term length and number of seats available in parentheses:

• Village of Bancroft

-President (one 2-year seat): Brian M. Barnum and Randy Beebe

-Village Council (three 4-year seats): Kevin Bible, Robin S. Miller, Tamara Terpening

-Village Council (three partial term seats): Ann Miller, Michael St. Louis, Linda L. Wert-Fuller

• Village of Byron

-President (one 2-year seat): Anthony Prestonise

-Village Council (three 4-year seats): Ronald Berecz, Linda Chapman, Hubert Miller

-Village Council (three partial term seats): Bob Campbell

• Village of Lennon

-President (one 2-year seat): Barbara BakerOmerod

-Clerk (one 2-year seat): Geraldine Terry

-Treasurer (one 2-year seat): Larry J. Widigan

-Trustee (three 4-year seats): Sterling Barnhart, William G. Sprague, Byron Vowell

-Trustee (three partial term seats): Keith L. St.Clair

• Village of Morrice

-President (one 2-year seat): Harold Dickerson

-Village Council (three 4-year seats): Phyllis Dickerson

• Village of New Lothrop

– President (one 2-year seat): John Maksimchuk Jr.

– Clerk (one 2-year seat): Karen L. Maksimchuk

– Treasurer (one 2-year seat): Terry Tate

– Village Council (three 4-year seats): Keith M. Gauthier and Patrick R. Olk

• Village of Vernon

– President (one 2-year seat): Matt Kimmer

– Trustee (three 4-year seats): Bob MacNeill and Carolyn Pfeiffer

• City of Corunna

– Mayor (one 2-year seat): Charles Kerridge

– City Council Ward I (one 4-year seat): Helen Ann Granger

– City Council Ward II (one 4-year seat): John Lawson and Becky Smith

– City Council Ward III (one 4-year seat): no candidates listed

• City of Durand

– Council Member At Large (one 2-year seat): Rich Folaron

– Council Member, Precinct 2 (one 4-year seat): Kenneth McDonough Jr.

– Council Member, Precinct 1 (one 4-year seat): Constance Cobley

• City of Perry

– Mayor (one 2-year seat): James A. Huguelet

– City Council (three 4-year seats): Kraig Elliott, Adam J. Grass, Karen McDaniels-Davis, Greg Earl Wekwert

• City of Laingsburg

– Mayor (one 2-year seat): Michael Culpepper

– City Council (three 4-year seats): Alan Ducastel, Mary C. Hetherington, David Rhodabeck

• Owosso City Council

(four 4-year seats): Mike Cline, Christopher T. Eveleth, Janae Fear, Jerry Haber, Albert W. Martenis III, Ryan Painter, Nicholas Pidek, Robert J. Teich Jr.

• Rush Township Clerk

(one partial term seat): Lois M. Walker

• Woodhull Township Clerk

(one partial term seat ending 11/20/2022): Elaine J. Curtis

• Rush Township Treasurer

(one partial term seat): Samantha Santrucek

• Sciota Township Trustee

(two partial term seats): Vaughn Vondrasek

  The Independent’s pre-election coverage will continue next weekend, featuring ballot proposals and candidates for the Shiawassee Board of Commissioners. A complete listing of Nov. 6 midterm election candidates in Shiawassee County, and ballot proposals, can be found online at http://www.shiawassee.net/county-clerk/ballot-language-and-candidate-listing.aspx.

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