On Friday, Nov. 10, Bryant, Central, and Emerson Elementary schools will hold their annual Veterans Day celebrations. Owosso Public Schools take pride in teaching its students about patriotism, and encouraging respect and loyalty to our country. Students are learning more about veterans and their fight for our nation’s freedom. Teachers are engaging their students in activities to further their understanding of our country’s history, laws, culture, and traditions.

The Owosso Public Schools would like to express its gratitude to our local veterans, and servicemen and servicewomen for their dedication to our country by inviting them to attend the aforementioned celebrations. Assemblies to honor veterans for their commitment and patriotism will be held at each school, beginning at Central at 9 a.m., followed by assemblies at Emerson at 1:15 p.m. and Bryant 2:30 p.m.

These celebrations will involve upwards of 100 veterans each. They are emotional and meaningful to the students, who will sing songs of patriotic thanks and read letters of appreciation. For more information, please contact the elementary school principals: Steve Brooks, Bryant, (989) 723-4355; Bridgit Spielman, Central, (989) 723-2790; and Terry Sedlar, Emerson, (989) 725-7361.

Additionally, veterans and individuals currently serving in our armed forces are invited to participate in the ceremonies as honored guests. Anyone interested in attending as an honored guest is asked to RSVP to one of the school principals by Thursday, Nov. 9.

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