By Graham Sturgeon, staff writer

Two University of Michigan-Flint history interns presented the Durand City Council with some exciting news during the council’s June 15 meeting. The interns, Jason Botz and Amanda Schwarzberg, aim to create a “living oral history” of the Durand Railroading industry and are asking the community for their help. The duo hopes to interview, on camera, as many Durand residents as possible for their project to “capture local history stories of the City of Durand and the railroad” to make sure that the history is documented for future generations.

Botz and Schwarzberg have been researching the city’s history and are now ready to interview Durand citizens for their video. They would like to talk to anyone who has been impacted by the railroad, or anyone who can provide historical context to the project.

The two will be spending a lot of time in Durand over the next few months and they urge anyone willing to participate in their project to contact them. They can be reached by phoning City Hall, or they also provided their email addresses for anyone interested in talking to them. Botz can be reached at, and Scharzberg can be reached at

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