EMERSON ELEMENTARY SCHOOL 2nd-grade students, under the guidance of their teachers; Jacalynn Buza, Susan Jones and Lisa Meihls, have collected a variety of items they donated to Angel’s Hands Outreach in Owosso on Monday, June 4. The exuberant students are shown perched on the western stairway on Monday afternoon, and it was apparent, the kids were thrilled to be giving back to those in need. 

   Ayden Durocher, just eight years old, shared that he was “excited to collect goods to give.” Macy Fiedler, also eight, said, “It was good we help out the community.” Several other students expressed the same level of enthusiasm.

  The effort from the three classrooms resulted in the donation of 15 backpacks, cans of tuna, three cases of Campbell’s soup, clothing, shoes and personal needs items. Representatives from Angel’s Hands Outreach, located at 819 W. Main St., in Owosso, included Christial Sierra, Lynn Reed and AJ Hatcher.

   In October 2017, Angel’s Hands moved into the Westown location, across from House of Wheels. Everything in the store is donated through nonprofit groups, local businesses, or individuals in the community. Everyone is welcome to visit the store: no questions asked, and most everything is free. Topping that off, Angel’s Hands also works to offer area nonprofit information to individuals in need of assistance. Churches and nonprofit groups are welcome to submit information to Angel’s Hands so that they can, in turn, help relay it to people in need.

(Independent Photo/Karen Mead-Elford)

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