THE 2019 OWOSSO HISTORIC HOME TOUR, organized through the Owosso Historical Commission under Director Robert Doran-Brockway, was held on Saturday, Sept. 21 and included 10 historic homes, along with six museums, two restorations with the Owosso Armory and the Lebowsky Center for Performing Arts and several pop-up events – all surrounding the theme “The Worth of Woodard – Furniture for the Ages.”

   Historically, the Woodard (then Woodward) heritage in Owosso began in the mid-1860s with Lyman E. Woodward (he changed his name later), who came to Owosso, inspired by the abundance of wood and waterpower. Lyman and his brothers established the Woodard Brothers, focused on manufacturing wood products such as furniture and window frames, with an aspect of the business evolving into the Owosso Casket Company.

   Many decades later, the Woodard metal furniture company, which is what came from those early business endeavors, is still located in the area and both the company and the Woodard family have left a monumental historic and artistic imprint in Shiawassee County.

   Standing in the freshly restored great room of the Amos Gould House on N. Washington Street on Saturday and surrounded by Woodard items were docents (from left) Andrew Henney, Owosso City Manager Nathan Henne, Mayor Chris Eveleth and SEDP President/CEO Justin Horvath.

   The Amos Gould House, as always, proved to be an interesting draw for Home Tour participants, who could meander through the lower first floor museum and/or enjoy the Michelle Grazier Apartment on the second floor.

   Around 130 volunteers stepped up on Saturday to make sure Owosso was well represented at every location, particularly to out-of-town visitors.

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