As friends were gathered on a deck at Holiday Shores RV Resort in Durand, something in the water nearby caught the attention of the group. At first it appeared as though fish were coming to the surface of the lake in search of food, but upon closer inspection, Meline Scheidel and friends found these two fish, as shown. “It was clear to us,” Scheidel commented, “that a large fish had made a great effort to devour another fish, but the smaller one was too large and they both became lodged within the larger fishes mouth.” It was a Largemouth Bass doing its best to eat another smaller largemouth bass.

The group watching scooped up the pair in a net. The largest fish was almost nineteen inches in length and had tried to consume a smaller one which was just a bit over fourteen inches. It took several minutes for the group to get the fish unstuck.

The smaller fish was almost dead, and the larger one was bleeding. “We couldn’t decide if he was either extremely hungry or just plain greedy,” Scheidel added about the incident.

Several large fish have been caught in the waters off Holiday Shores banks, but nothing as interesting and intriguing as the two Largemouth Bass who wanted wholeheartedly to live up to their names.

A Tale of Two Fish was last modified: October 10th, 2016 by Karen Elford