SHOWN AT RIGHTWAY AUTO SALES on Wednesday, April 27 are (from left) Autumn Key, LeeAnn Adkins of RightWay, Olivia Pearsall, Emily Taylor, Donna Kerridge, RightWay Regional Manager Ryan Thompson, Becky Taylor and Corunna Mayor Chuck Kerridge.

   The group is gathered in front of Emily Taylor’s new 2011 Volkswagon Routon, gifted to her through RightWay – following an aggravated driving incident at Meijer in March. The Routon replaces her Impala, which was aggressively destroyed by another driver in the Meijer parking lot.

   Taylor had not been aware she was being given a new vehicle on Wednesday. It was a surprise. She and her friend, Olivia, arrived at RightWay to be greeted by friends and supporters and a vehicle covered in balloons. 

(Independent Photo/Karen Mead-Elford)


    Emily Taylor, of Corunna, was not anticipating the shock and trauma she would experience when she pulled into the Owosso/Corunna Meijer parking lot following work on Friday, March 25 as an individual repeatedly struck her 2009 Impala with his truck. The incident was widely recorded by people at Meijer that night. Taylor had only just left work, picked up her boyfriend and was stopping into Meijer for some Pizza Rolls when the unusual and aggressive incident took place – ultimately leaving her without a vehicle.

   Taylor’s sister had gifted her the Impala and she had invested $2,000 of her own money into the vehicle for a new transmission because she needed a car for work – and she liked the car. However, the simple act of entering a parking lot for some Pizza Rolls led to her vehicle being destroyed, leaving her minus a car for work and with a lot of heartbreak and insecurity.

   It is at this point, that Chuck and Donna Kerridge of Corunna, who have mentored and befriended the young woman, stepped up to help her and her mother, Becky, try to overcome some of the connected trauma. Chuck and Donna have deep-rooted compassion for Taylor and her situation, having witnessed her become the hard working person she is today.

   Autumn Key, also wanting to help, established a Go-Fund-Me account and the Independent published a story on Sunday, April 10, seeking community support – and community support happened. The Go-Fund-Me drew in just under $800, but along with the donations, RightWay Auto Sales in Corunna, located directly across M-21 from the Meijer location, decided to assist, too.

   LeeAnn Adkins of RightWay Auto Sales had seen the videos via social media of the March 25 incident. She had talked with Donna Kerridge and then reached out to the regional manager who contacted the owner and it was decided that RightWay wanted to present the girl with a new vehicle – free of charge.

   In a surprise event at RightWay on Wednesday, April 27, organized through RightWay, Donna Kerridge and others, presented Emily Taylor with a highly decorated 2011 Volkswagon Routon at no cost to herself. The vehicle is loaded with heated leather bucket seats and other plush features. Most importantly, it means Taylor can now drive herself to work again and not rely on her best friend, Olivia Pearsall, who has been delivering Taylor to work regularly. The girls have been friends since 7th-grade.

   The Go-Fund-Me funds will go toward assisting Taylor with insurance and gas. She explained she plans on keeping full coverage on her new car.

   Other businesses jumped in to contribute, too. Adkins shared that the Owosso Auto Zone had donated a bucket of cleaning supplies and All Star Towing had donated oil changes and towed the destroyed Impala at no charge. Tire Factory also did some free wheel work on the car.

   Following the momentous occasion, Adkins later shared that Taylor is calling the car “her little crouton,” because it rhymes with Routon and will be easy to remember.

   After her initial shock, Taylor shared, “I’m just so thankful to everyone and so grateful to all of you who were able to help and make this happen because I wouldn’t have been able to do this by myself.”

   “This shows me that good things can happen from bad situation,” Taylor added. 

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