JOYCE SURPRENANT is a Democratic candidate for the House of Representatives 85th District. She is married and has two children, four stepchildren and 10 grandchildren. She has been a resident of Shiawassee County for most of her life. She is retired from the State of Michigan Unemployment Insurance Agency where she served for 30 years. Prior to running, she worked with the Shiawassee County Probate Court as deputy registrar. Joyce has been in public service for the majority of her career. She is running for office to put “we the people” back in control of the government, so citizens’ voices can be heard.

In a press release Surprenant said, “Political offices have been taken away due to the cost of running for office. Corporations have too much control and our voting voices are not being heard. I have many issues that I am passionate about and I want to hear what the community thinks about the issues. Candidates must be accountable to the people that elect them. I have already had a career and this is a way I can give back to the community and have a positive impact, speaking and being a voice for the people I would like to represent.” (Courtesy Photo)

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