ON SUNDAY EVENING, July 8, SUMMERPraise! opened its 20th season of southern gospel concerts at the Don and Metta Mitchell Amphitheater. Before the concert began, 85th District Rep. Ben Frederick presented Lynn Webster with a special tribute from Governor Rick Snyder, Lieutenant Governor Brian Calley and Rep. Frederick.

  The tribute says, in part, “SUMMERPraise! has remained a highly-anticipated event since its inception in 1998. Held weekly at the Don and Metta Amphitheater in Owosso, on Sunday evenings, the concert series consistently draws large crowds of music lovers from all over.”

  The primary reason for the success of the series is the blend of regional and national talent it attracts, including the Blackwoods, Collingsworth Family, Crist Family, Dixie Melody Boys, Down East Boys, Gold City, Hope’s Call, Journeymen, Pfiefers, Soul’d Out Quartet, Statement of Faith/Promise, Toney Brothers, Rick Webb Trio, Wilburn and Wilburn, and numerous regional groups. Some have appeared several times because of their popularity.

  The tribute concludes by saying, “This event would not be possible without the persistent dedication of its volunteers. Their unwavering commitment to the success of the event is nothing short of extraordinary, and we are indeed very appreciative of their efforts.” Also, primary volunteer Lynn Webster was praised for having led this effort with skill and passion.

(Courtesy Photo)

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