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  Stine Turf & Snow, Inc., of Durand, has been serving the greater Shiawassee County area since 1996, and also serves the communities of Flint, Saginaw, Lansing, Ann Arbor, Metro Detroit and Jackson. The local company handles residential and commercial snow and ice removal during the colder months, but with the weather finally starting to turn, the Stine Turf & Snow team is gearing up for lawn care season. That means lawn aerating, preventative and curative grub control, perimeter pest control (exterior only), mosquito control and, of course, lawn fertilization. 

   Stine features a five-step lawn program, beginning in April and May with a jump-start of granular fertilizer, crabgrass preventer and broadleaf weed control. The next step, in May and June, entails the application of slow-release granular fertilizer and broadleaf weed control to maintain color and control clover and dandelion growth. The summer treatment, from June through August, includes slow release fertilizer and spot treatment for broadleaf weeds and crabgrass to help maintain the yard through the stressful summer months. In early fall, from August through October, the team focuses on broadleaf weed control. The final treatment, in October or November, will feature a winterizer granular fertilizer that prepares the lawn for winter by feeding the roots of the grass.

   Now, anyone could conceivably implement a similar program using the products listed above, but the big advantages in hiring Stine Turf & Snow for the job are their professional expertise, professional grade materials and the company’s service guarantee. When exactly to apply the desired fertilizer or pest control can be tricky, and worst of all, what happens when a heavy rain comes through and washes everything away before it has a chance to take effect? Both of these issues are covered with Stine. Their professionals know when to apply each of their desired treatments, and in cases of unexpected inclement weather, their service guarantee means they will come out and re-apply, ensuring the health of each lawn.

   With the nicer weather comes mosquitos, unfortunately, and Stine has got that covered. Stine offers its services for special events, such as weddings and open houses, and on a monthly basis. Mosquito treatments are guaranteed for 21 days, but can be effective for up to six to eight weeks in cool, dry conditions.

   Warmer weather also brings a number of other pests. Stine’s perimeter pest control includes a barrier spray around the foundation of the house to control earwigs, box elder bugs, spiders, ants and “pretty much everything else that crawls.”

   Grub control is also a concern for homeowners, and Stine has the remedy. Stine uses a curative product to control and stop grub damage immediately and a preventative product is used to take care of the next generation of grubs.

   The presence of grubs is often commonly associated with the presence of moles, but that is a “suburban myth,” according to Stine Turf & Snow owner Marc Stine. The presence of grubs does not equate to the presence of moles, and vice versa. Moles, as insectivores, eat a wide variety of bugs, including insects, worms and other invertebrates, so treating for grubs will not necessarily eliminate moles.

   The Stine Lawn & Snow team of lawn care specialists is headed up by owner Marc Stine and general manager Dan Mausolf, both experienced professionals in the industry and former golf course superintendents. With the busy season ramping up, Stine Turf & Snow could use additional team members. To become a lawn care technician, stop in to Stine Turf & Snow at 1001 N. Saginaw St. in Durand or visit stinelawn.com. To schedule services, call (989) 666-1200.

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