THIS PHOTO OF BILL sets up on a partition close to Bill’s old desk at the Independent Newspaper office. The staff found the photo among many of Bill’s things after his passing last year. We decided to frame it for the office knowing it was a look we often saw from Bill as he would always be behind the camera instead of in front of it. We hope you enjoy it as well. (Courtesy Photo)

He was called by many as one of the area’s finest sons, considered by many to be one of the “best” in penning history, events, and stories regarding the community in which he lived his entire life. William Vincent Constine, known to most everyone as Bill, passed away Jan. 11, 2016. The Independent Newsgroup has now gone almost a year since his passing, but not a day goes by that we don’t wonder how we are continuing to function without him.

We miss the mischievous grin he would often flash in response to an investigative hint. There are so many stories he could have inevitably enhanced if only he were around to ask. We miss the weekly updates on the price of gasoline and the prediction of a storm rumbling into Shiawassee County. We miss his recollections of past elections as we struggled to keep up with the recent candidates and proposals before Nov. 8. We fight to keep his high standards of accurate, ethical, and timely news.

Bill grew up on a family dairy farm in Owosso Township before starting his career in 1968 with WOAP Owosso where he eventually became the station’s News Director. In 1988, he went to work at the Flint Journal as a contributing staff writer before he joined the Independent in 1989 until his death last January.

He continues to be missed by the staff, writers, and community he once served. He hasn’t been forgotten. The Independent staff strives to live up to the example and wisdom he shared with us while he was a part of our working environment. Take a moment today to remember our friend with us.

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