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  Steiner Tractor Parts, Inc. is a family-owned business in Lennon that specializes in vintage tractor parts. Steiner Tractor Parts was founded in 1992, officially, but the company goes back much further. It was in 1977 that Dave Steiner, a small business owner in Grand Blanc Township, unable to find quality manifolds for the Allis-Chalmers Model B at a reasonable price, began building and selling the part himself. And from there, Steiner’s inventory and clientele grew steadily, until 1992, when the decision to incorporate was made.

   In the company’s early days, as part of the aftermarket tractor parts industry, Steiner’s focus was on low-cost alternative parts, since that was what the market dictated. That would change when Dan Steiner and Jenny (Steiner) Bradshaw, Dave’s children, bought the business in 2001. The change in ownership coincided with the boom in antique tractor restoration, which shifted the company’s focus. Steiner now focuses on building brand name recognition based on quality and service, with an eye on price. The transformation from aftermarket parts to high quality specialized parts took years of research and costlier source materials to realize, but the results speak for themselves.

   The business’ continued growth necessitated a move to its own space, and in 2003, Steiner Tractor Parts opened its new 80,000 square foot warehouse in Lennon. At the time of the move, the company employed 12, including Dan and Jenny. The company now employs 69 and has expanded its parts inventory to include more than 8,000 unique tractor parts, which are shipped to customers all over the world.

    The growth of the Steiner Tractor Parts family has been made possible by the company’s focus on quality parts and its unique approach to customer service. Steiner Tractor Parts has a call center, where customers can get help finding the right part for their vintage tractor, and the company’s website includes numerous repair tutorial videos to help customers install the parts they buy. The website also features a handy “My Barn” section, where a customer can enter the make and model of their tractor and browse only products that fit their tractor, removing the guesswork that normally makes tractor parts shopping difficult.

   Additionally, Steiner Tractor Parts, in an effort to reach its customers on a more personal level, has incorporated a fun “Tractor Stories” feature on its website and even started a tractor photo contest that draws interest from tractor owners all over the world. To check out the Steiner Tractor Parts website, visit steinertractor.com. Tractor photo contest photos are published in the company’s annual catalogue, but can also be viewed on social media by searching for “Steiner Tractor Parts, Inc.”

   Thanks to competitive pay and “old fashioned benefits” packages, employee turnover is not as common at Steiner Tractor Parts. However, the company’s continued growth may necessitate additional associates in the near future. To become a Steiner Tractor Parts associate, visit steinertractor.com/employment.

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