SHREK THE MUSICAL was performed by the OHS Drama Club/Performing Arts Dept. in the Owosso High School Auditorium. Performances started Friday, Nov. 16 and carried through to Sunday, Nov. 18, with hundreds of people attending to enjoy the fun musical. Both Owosso Middle School and Owosso High School students presented the enormous cast of characters, including all of the magical fairytale creatures.

   The performances were organized by OHS counselor, Jerry Ciarlino, and OMS choir teacher, Tricia Rogers.

   Shrek was portrayed by Wes LaVigne. Abby Christian portrayed Princess Fiona. Tyler Hoag was Donkey and Autumn Weir was Lord Farquaad. Madison Kregger truly stepped it up as Dragon.

   A particularly memorable song was “Freak Flag,” with the positive message “let your freak flag wave! Let your freak flag fly! Never take it down, never take it down. Raise it up high!”

(Independent Photo/Karen Mead-Elford)

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