Stephen Schlaack, MBA (SCDP Chair), Aaron Ray (SCDP Treasurer), Senator Sam Singh (Michigan’s 28th Senate District), Representative Penelope Tsernoglou (75th Michigan House District), Brian True (volunteer), Janet Kiley (Former SCDP Chair), Bailey Leppert (SCDP Correspondence Secretary).

(Courtesy Photo) 


  The Shiawassee County Democratic Party (SCDP) participated in the Democratic State Convention Saturday, Feb. 11 at Cobo Hall/Huntington Place in Detroit. The party had the opportunity to meet with Democrats from the rest of District 7 (U.S. Representative Elissa Slotkin), as well as the politics that represent it. Additionally, outgoing/retiring Senator Debbie Stabenow came to speak with District 7 about the next few years and how it is critical that we protect the freedoms of the citizens of our district while working to bring home as many jobs, projects and funding as possible.

  Stephen Schlaack, MBA (SCDP Chair) shared his thoughts on the event, “The level of excitement and drive is one that I haven’t seen from Michigan Democrats in a long time. The majority of the conversation and presentations spoke about how to get the most done for the people of the State of Michigan and how to let people know about it. It was recognized that Democrats need to continue to work on outreach, with a core focus on rural areas. I had an opportunity to speak with multiple members of the Rural Caucus and I will be attending an event they’re hosting in Sault Ste. Marie this spring. My hope is that the recognition of this issue will go a long way into giving voices to rural areas that have been overlooked for far too long.”

  “Locally, with our new slate of officers for the Shiawassee County Party, we’re seeing a surge of energy among local, young voters who have felt unheard and dismissed by local leaders for decades. I had the opportunity to serve as an Election Inspector for the City of Owosso during our last election, and the number of young people and parents who brought their children, is extremely encouraging. Regardless of partisanship, I’m beyond thrilled to see local engagement and voter turnout increasing. Going forward into 2023, we look to continue to bring more events and opportunities for conversation in our County. All members of the Shiawassee County Democratic Party are unpaid volunteers who want to see this County grow and thrive. We’ve waited long enough for it. Let’s get to work,” said Schlaack.

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