The following information was provided directly from the individual candidates.

Yvette Pickler (Democrat)

   Yvette Picker is running for Shiawassee County Treasurer. She is a graduate of Baker College with an associate degree in accounting and a bachelor in computer science. “I believe these two degrees, along with my everyday experience, combine to give me an advantage as I will bring both my accounting and computer knowledge to the county, and I will look to ensure that the programs are running smoothly and the office is using technology to keep them up-to-date,” Pickler said.

   “I also bring with me the knowledge of working with a board of 24 members and dealing with a budget, and state mandated audits from working for the Shiawassee County Agricultural Society (fairgrounds),” she offered. “This position required me to work closely with 24 board members and stay within budget limits along with working closely with the executive board to create the yearly budget. Along with that, I like others (had to) balance my personal and farm accounts and bring the common sense of doing so to the office.”

   “As a taxpayer, I am very unhappy with what has been reported about the treasurer’s office from the bank books not being able to be reconciled to issues that have been uncovered in the annual audits,” she said. “I saw things happening within the treasurer’s office I didn’t like and decided if I wanted to see a change, I needed to step up and make the change.”

Julie Sorenson (Republican)

   Julie Sorenson is the Shiawassee County Treasurer and was selected by a statutory appointment committee in September 2019. Sorenson shared she is “seeking the office of Shiawassee County Treasurer. My experience, dedication, ability to multitask and professionalism make me the best candidate for the position.”

   “I have 13 years experience as Rush Township Treasurer, 2 ½ years as Shiawassee County Chief Deputy Treasurer and one year as Shiawassee County Treasurer. I understand the tax collection process as well as the daily duties of the office,” she said.

  “I am a dedicated employee with a good work ethic. I have not missed a day during the pandemic. Even when county staff were working half days and furlough, I came in to answer phones and take care of business,” Sorenson stated.

   “I am a multi-tasker. My husband, Alan, and I raised four children. They were involved in band, sports, dance and other activities. I was very involved with volunteering and helping when needed,” she said. “I am a professional and would continue to represent Shiawassee County as such.”

   “With the help of my staff, I have made great progress in the office this year. I am enjoying the challenge and hope to continue moving Shiawassee County forward. My office is open to anybody with questions or concerns. Feel free to stop in or call anytime,” shared Sorenson.

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