The following information was provided directly from the individual candidates.

Robert Hinojosa (Democrat)

   Robert Hinojosa is running for Shiawassee County Prosecutor “because I am the most experienced candidate who will hold the public trust without a partisan or political agenda,” he stated. “I will not be swayed by political status, wealth or personal relationships. I will make decisions based on what protects public safety and serves the people of our community.”

   Hinojosa has a “proven track record with over ten years of experience as a prosecuting attorney. I will champion smart, efficient prosecution. Overcharging will end and plea agreements will be thoughtfully entered to achieve our goals – not to simply clear dockets as occurs now.”

   Hinojosa shared, “I believe in applying a multifaceted approach in identifying and seeking stiffer penalties for serious, violent and repeat offenders and those who distribute dangerous narcotics (like methamphetamine) and promoting rehabilitation and treatment for those suffering from addiction and mental illness. This office should be held accountable to the people it serves.”

   “I will immediately end doing business behind a curtain of secrecy and this office will become fully transparent and accountable from day one. People deserve to know how cases are handled and prosecuted,” he said. “I have the experience to hit the ground running, and will enact change immediately if I am elected. I have always been a man of my word and integrity. I am not a politician; I am a minister of justice.”

Scott Koerner (Republican)

    Scott Koerner was appointed Shiawassee County Prosecutor last May, replacing Deana Finnegan who retired. Koerner has been practicing law for over 20 years with a background in criminal and civil matters. He graduated from Chicago’s John Marshall Law School, working in Chicago before moving back to Michigan where he worked on civil cases in the Detroit area. He worked as a criminal defense lawyer for over 12 years before deciding on a career as a prosecutor. He served as an Assistant Shiawassee County Prosecutor from May 2018 to April 2020.

   “I am firm but fair,” Koerner shared. “I will continue to be reasonable in evaluating and prosecuting cases. In my career, I have tried numerous jury trials, including trials where children in our community were victims. I am proud to say that I helped obtain convictions on those cases and I will not tolerate sex crimes in our community.”

   Koerner has family members that are lifelong residents in the county. He has lived in Laingsburg for 14 years. He has been married for 24 years and has two children.

   “I served as an assistant prosecutor for two years before being appointed to lead our community in April of this year. When I joined the office as an assistant prosecutor, it was my goal to serve our community,” he shared.

   Koerner believes the biggest issues at hand are “obvious issues.” He thinks sexual assault against children is the first priority and is an issue that is personal to him, as both a prosecutor and a parent. He is a board member on the Voices for Children Advocacy Program for Shiawassee and Genesee counties. “I am passionate about prosecuting these cases. I will continue to build upon our exceptional victim’s advocacy program that works very closely with victims and children.”

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