by Graham Sturgeon, co-editor

   A complaint lodged with LEIN Field Services of the state of Michigan alleging misuse of the LEIN portal by the Shiawassee County Sheriff’s Office’s has been determined to be unfounded, according to Dawn Brinningstaull, the director of the state’s Criminal Justice Information Center.

   “After evaluating the information submitted by the SCSO and the recommendation of the staff of LEIN Field Services, I have determined this complaint to be unfounded and consider the matter closed,” Binningstaull stated in a letter to the SCSO.

   The investigation confirmed that the county employee in question, although driving a patrol car equipped with LEIN, was incapable of logging on to the system’s message switch, and logs obtained from Shiawassee County Central Dispatch also show that the employee made no attempts to access personal information.

   “I have consistently told the public not to trust the blatant lies and untruths they see on social media, and this is another example of that,” shared Sheriff Brian BeGole. “And it’s a shame when people make these false accusations, because that takes time away from our office, as well as the staffs of LEIN Field Services and the Criminal Justice Information Center, that could be spent doing more important work.”

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