THE NEXT STEPS for getting more money for roads hinges on decisions of the House and Senate in the weeks ahead, said Sen. Rick Jones, speaking during Tuesday’s Shiawassee Regional Chamber of Commerce Networking at Noon luncheon at Roma’s Back Door, downtown Owosso.

The Senate favors a 15-cent-per-gallon fuel tax increase over three years. The House favors using existing revenues. “I can’t support any more cuts to K-12 education. There have been enough already,” emphasized Jones.

The last per-gallon gas tax increase was 3 cents, to 19 cents per gallon, in 1997, and all costs for road maintenance and construction have gone up since then.

“I had asked people in the four counties of my district what we should do, and all favored a 1 percent sales tax increase for roads. But, adoption of the proposal required minority support, and more things were put in the ballot question for May and it went down,” said Jones.

Proposal A, a bi-partisan proposal by Senators John Engler and Debbie Stabenow, was put on the ballot in 1994 so seniors and others on fixed incomes would not lose their homes to annual sharp increase in property taxes – and assured money for K-12 education, “But Gov. Granholm shifted money to community colleges – and now Gov. Snyder has shifted money to universities, which are sitting on millions. I’ve disagreed with both governors on that.” (Independent Photo/BILL CONSTINE)

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