On Saturday, June 17, the Shiawassee Search and Rescue team will be conducting an Urban Search Training session for a male dementia missing person victim within the city. The group has conducted such trainings in Corunna and Bancroft previously, and the search is non intrusive to city residents.

Organization representatives will contact some residents prior to the above mentioned date to ascertain if they are willing to participate. Participating residences will be marked with a small orange flag located near the driveway corner in the front of the house. The homes, garages, sheds, and outbuildings, will not be searched. This is a practice of process, not a real time search.

If the homeowner is not home at the time, the residence will be bypassed. No property will be encroached upon without their physical presence.

The time span of the search will depend upon the activity of the missing person. No one will know where he is or what he is doing. The search team will have a description, and that is all. They will have a missing persons poster reading, “Training,” that includes the subject’s picture. Anyone who spots the missing person is encouraged to pass the information along to any member of the search team.

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