STUDENTS FROM Salem Lutheran School celebrating the 100th Day of School, back row, from left: Shelby O’Connor, Eli Wheeler, Levi Norder, Connor Ray and Kate Maurer; middle row: Jace Saul, Everett Kline, Ariana Wells, Cecilia Lahmann, Carter Ozanich; front row: Liza Tenniswood, Oliver O’Connor, Bodhi Jones and Asher Bebiak.

(Courtesy Photo)


  Students from Mrs. Zelenka’s class at Salem Lutheran School celebrated the 100th Day of School on Friday, Feb. 2. The celebration began with a pizza party; then students presented their collections of 100 small items, put them into groups of 10 and drew them for a classroom book; next they drained and cracked a coconut and taste-tested the coconut water and coconut meat and finished off with a limbo contest.

  Mrs. Zelenka teaches four kindergarteners, one first grader and nine second graders. She will be holding an Open House called Camp Kindergarten on Thursday, Feb. 22 from 6 to 7 p.m. for interested families. 

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