This year’s Railroad Days Prince competition is sponsored by Conrad’s Towing of Durand. Vying for the title are David Casemore and Joseph Earegood. Casemore is sponsored by the Lodge of Durand and Earegood is sponsored by Riverside Market. Votes can be cast until Feb. 16 at each candidate’s sponsoring business, where collection canisters have been placed. Each cent collected in the contestant’s canister will equal one vote. Monies raised will fund Railroad Days events. Candidates will receive a ribbon, a copy of their photograph (courtesy of A&R Portraits of Durand), a $50 gift card, crown, and sash.

The winner will be announced March 11 at the Royalty Crowning Ceremony at Durand Union Station. The prince will participate in the May 12-15 Railroad Days festival, and other appearances and parades throughout the year.

David Casemore is the son of Jennifer December and Joel Casemore of Bancroft. He is seven and a first grader at Bertha Neal Elementary. David has a younger brother, Joey, and a younger sister, Emma. David enjoys playing t-ball and soccer; gardening; going to church; playing with his pets, a dog named Saddie and a cat named Ginger; and loving people. His favorite subject in school is math.

Joseph Earegood is the son of Carl and Tricia Earegood of Durand. He is eight and a second grade student at Robert Kerr Elementary. Joseph enjoys playing baseball, spending time with his dog, cat, hamsters, and turtles. He likes playing video games and helping the elderly neighbors shovel.

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