by Elizabeth Wehman, editor

AN ANNUAL DONATION was presented to Robert Doran from the Curwood Festival Committee on Wednesday, Jan 4. On hand for the presentation was Curwood Festival Committee member Brandy Kenny (from left), Doran, and Curwood Festival Committee member Dave Minarik. Doran mentioned that the $1,000 donation will be used for a special Curwood life exhibit at the Castle during the 40th Annual Curwood Days Festival held in June. Doran is the Historic Facilities Project Director of the Owosso Historical Commission.

(Independent Photo/Elizabeth Wehman)

Budgets are now being solidified, as well as the schedule of events for the upcoming 40th Curwood Festival by the Curwood Festival Committee. A report of fundraising was given by Office Manager Sherri Bakos who told the committee that a large portion of donations came in after the holidays to make the total now $5,160 which is up from last year.

Many open chair positions were filled, but the committee continues to seek out a volunteer for float transportation. Event applications are also being put up on the website and volunteers also have the opportunity to purchase special 40th anniversary t-shirts this year. It was decided the shirts should be red with white printing.

One of the large money decisions made at the Wednesday, Jan. 4 Curwood Festival meeting was to purchase a one year contract with Metasoft, a search engine company for foundation funding. Committee decided to purchase a one year contract for just under $5,000 because the company guaranteed it would be completely refundable if they are refused at least three times by funding donors. The search engine company will assign the Curwood Committee a mentor who will help with possible search problems or situations to help with finding possible funding for Curwood Festival activities. Monies given through this search engine company are specifically earmarked to help local festivals in fundraising endeavors. The Curwood Festival committee will be using names such as “literary” in finding possible donors willing to earmark their donations to the Owosso festival. The company has a 97.3 success rate as well as guaranteeing that festivals searching for donations will be given at least a minimum of $5,000 in grant monies or their money will be refunded. Committee member Dave Minarik agreed to negotiate with the company for a cheaper annual fee amount from Metasoft.

The last decision of the night was to attend the upcoming Shiawassee Regional Chamber of Commerce Annual dinner by purchasing a table of eight. Brian Reed said, “We need to do more things like the Chamber dinner to commit to participating in the community.” Many committee members agreed.

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