by Elizabeth Wehman, editor

FRIEND DAN LOOMIS spoke about former Shiawassee Circuit Judge Gerald Lostracco, “Thirty years, Judge Lostracco did his job not just as a job, but he did it as a great public service. He was never afraid to try cases. He did not overcharge, nor was he afraid to charge.” Adding to the tribute was Friend of Court Susan Thorman, “He was truthful in a respectful, caring manner. He would listen and then tell the truth. He wanted no title, but to be a fair judge.” Many other accolades were spoken about the former Judge at his portrait unveiling at the Shiawassee County Courthouse on Thursday, July 28. Lostracco is shown here with his wife, Chris, listening to a short video tribute of his life. (Independent Photos/Elizabeth Wehman)

Retired Judge Gerald Lostracco was honored at a special portrait hanging ceremony in the Shiawassee County Circuit Courtroom on Thursday, July 28. A reception followed the ceremony at the Shiawassee Arts Center, 206 Curwood Castle Dr., in Owosso.

Lostracco began his service as the Shiawassee Circuit Court Judge in 1985, following in the footsteps of Shiawassee Circuit Judge Peter J. Marutiak. His service lasted 30 years and ended in Dec., 2014. Lostracco served as Shiawassee County Prosecutor from 1974 to 1981 before going into private practice.

As a judge, Lostracco presided over felony criminal cases, civil cases, and appeals of lower court decisions. State records show that his court presided over 756 cases in 2012 alone and also handled hundreds of domestic relations and protection order cases on an annual basis.

The Shiawassee County Circuit Courtroom is lined with stately portraits of the judges that have served before Lostracco. His portrait now joins those on the courtroom walls. Lostracco’s portrait was painted by Owosso artist, Phil Ruhle.

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