RICHARD ROCKI, of 313 White Oak Dr., Perry, received recognition during the Perry City Council meeting Thursday, July 21, as the July recipient of the “Mayor Ross De Lau Perry Pride Award.” As the July winner, Rocki received a commemorative plaque and gift certificate from Darling Hardware as well as having his name engraved on a larger commemorative plaque that will be displayed in City Hall.

The focus of the new subjective residential award is to recognize excellence of residents in maintaining their home and yard, thus generating “Perry Pride.”

To judge the award, council members have designated and approved six different areas (neighborhoods) within the city. A different council member is assigned each month to judge one of the neighborhoods (that he/she) does not live in.

Councilmember Karen Davis, who nominated this month’s winners, presented the plaque to Rocki. Davis also selected three Honorable Mention winners, including the homes of: Casey Grennell, 405 White Oak Dr.; Steve Church, 226 Oakwood; and Brad Martin, 340 Oak Park. The Aug. award will be judged by Council member Greg Wekwert.

A map of the “Designated Neighborhoods” may be viewed on the city’s website, Look for the link under “Council Recognitions.” (Courtesy Photo)

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