PERRY AREA Fire Rescue Chief Hubbard and Paramedic Lois Baley are shown here with the certification to make them the first Pediatric Safe Sleep Department in Shiawassee County.

(Courtesy Photo)


Perry Area Fire Rescue is excited to announce that they are the first in Shiawassee County to be a Pediatric Safe Sleep Department. Chief Hubbard and Paramedic Lois Baley have reached out to the EMS for Children Coordinator to join the pediatric championship roster to gain the resources and knowledge to bring this program to our community. Having an open communication network with the state on trends and additional training programs to bring to our first responders is an honor and we cannot be more excited.

  An average of 150 infants die each year in Michigan due to sleep related deaths. That’s about 3 school buses or 5 kindergarten classes. Shiawassee County is classified as “region six” in the statistic realm. Our infant death rate of 1.6 per 1,000 live births is significantly higher than the Michigan sleep-related death rate of 1.3 per 1,000 live births which is cause for concern. Our department wants to help prevent these unnecessary deaths. This program trains our providers in recognizing what safe sleep is and offers additional education to bring awareness to the dangers of unsafe sleeping environments. Learning how to communicate in an effective way with families and our community to promote the health of pediatrics is our number one goal!

  Perry Area Fire Rescue has paired with local organizations to provide free supplies to families in need. Providing pack n’ plays and sleep sacks to those in need to give infants a safe place to sleep without the strain of costs onto families. If your family or you know a family that is looking for information or resources related to infant safe sleep, please reach out to our fire department.

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