SHIAWASSEE SCHOLARS from 8th grade at Perry Public Schools, in no particular order, are Alex Rockafellow, Riley Smith, Cal Place, Emma Thielen, Leah Schneider and Lucas Batsios.

(Courtesy Photo)


  Six Perry Public Schools’ 8th graders qualified for the Shiawassee Scholars. The Shiawassee Scholars Program requires a student be enrolled full-time at a public high school in Shiawassee County. Scholars are selected based on their SAT reading and math score in their 8th grade year.

  The Shiawassee Scholars program provides the resources and support to: pursue their intellectual curiosity, apply for a summer college camp scholarship to explore a field of interest they are enthusiastic about, develop a level of comfort and acceptance of their intelligence, recognize academic, personal or social challenges and develop strategies to overcome them, earn a GPA of 3.7 or above, purse academically rigorous coursework aligned with their passions.     

  The Scholars program began in 1999. The Shiawassee Scholars Class of 2026 brings the total number of recognized Scholars to 1,160.

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