PARTNERS – Executive Directors of Shiawassee-based nonprofits which have achieved Partner status with the NonProfit Capacity building program each received $5,000 checks for their organizations on Wednesday evening at the Baker College Welcome Center. Gathered were (from left): Helen Howard, R.N., Respite Volunteers; Tonya Avery, SafeCenter; Lynn Grubb, The Arc Shiawassee; Lauri Elbing, Friends of the Shiawassee River; Tom Cook, Cook Family Foundation; Kathy Brooks, Owosso Community Players; Piper Brewer, Shiawassee Arts Center; Mary Warner-Stone, Durand Union Station Incorporated; and Marlene Webster, Shiawassee Hope. (Courtesy Photo/MICHAEL D.L. JORDAN)

The Cook Family Foundation has announced that eight Shiawassee-based nonprofit organizations have achieved Partner status in its NonProfit Capacity Building program. In recognition of the accomplishment, each community group is being awarded $5,000.

“These nonprofits have demonstrated a commitment to improve their governance, their programs and their capacity,” said Foundation Executive Director Tom Cook. “We are proud to call them Partners.”

The organizations now recognized as Partners are The Arc Shiawassee, Durand Union Station Incorporated, the Friends of the Shiawassee River, the Intersection of Owosso (Hope Project), Owosso Community Players, Respite Volunteers of Shiawassee, SafeCenter and the Shiawassee Arts Center.

The NonProfit Capacity Building Program provides training and technical assistance to over 20 Shiawassee-based organizations. To achieve Partner status, over half of the board members of an organization attended one or more workshops on nonprofit governance, executive directors participated in bi-monthly peer learning sessions and both staff and volunteers took part in coaching sessions with an expert from the Nonprofit Network, a Michigan consulting firm. Several of the organizations have also updated their strategic plan, made technology investments or otherwise added capacity.

“We make services available to all Shiawassee-based nonprofits that have paid staff,” said Tom Cook, “and we are confident that several more will achieve Partner status in 2016.

“When our nonprofit groups are strong, our communities are healthier,” said Cook. “Nonprofits care for those most in need in Shiawassee County, promote our natural and cultural resources and help us all be engaged citizens.”

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