by Jessica Hickey, staff write

OWOSSO TEACHERS (from left) Terry LeDuc, Michele Betts, and Dawn Horak helped firefighters wash an ambulance Monday, Aug 22 as part of the “Owosso Gotcha” campaign initiated by superintendent Dr. Andrea Tuttle. The idea behind the project is to perpetuate a chain of random acts of kindness throughout the city. (Independent Photo/Jessica Hickey)

The staff of Owosso Public Schools spent an hour canvassing the city with random acts of kindness Monday morning, Aug. 22. Superintendent Dr. Andrea Tuttle unveiled the campaign, called “Owosso Gotcha,” during an in-service program for teachers and administrators. Tuttle said, “Some people might say you can’t teach people to be kind. I disagree.”

Each staff member was given two Gotcha cards to pass on to the recipients of their good deeds—one to use that day and one to save for later use; the hope is to keep the acts of kindness going throughout the year. Participants were encouraged to take a photo of their kind deeds to post on the “Owosso Gotcha” Facebook page.

Teachers Terry LeDuc (Emerson), Dawn Horak (OHS), Michele Betts (OMS), and Robin Powell (Bryant) teamed up to deliver their random act of kindness. They brought a box of donuts to the Owosso fire station, where they found firefighter paramedics Lt. Rick Brewbaker, Bryan Matthies, and Layne Little washing an ambulance. The teachers thanked them for their work in the community and then offered to finish washing the ambulance. When asked if anyone had ever done this before, Lieutenant Brewbaker laughed and said, “It’s been a long while.”

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