The Lyon-Seegmiller House, Owosso

(Independent File Photo/Karen Mead-Elford)

by Karen Mead-Elford, co-editor

   Several Baker College owned properties in Owosso were collectively auctioned for $470,800 online on Tuesday, Jan. 8. The five properties, including the historic Hoddy-Curwood house and the Lyon-Seegmiller house on W. Williams Street, were donated by George Hoddy in what has been described as a “loose agreement.” Hoddy, a well-known industrialist, entrepreneur and philanthropist, passed away in 2010. The auction was handled by the Sheridan Auction House in Owosso.

   The online auction purchaser will not be identified until sale closing on Friday, Feb. 22, but it is known that the purchaser is local. Bidders from three states participated in the auction, with the highest bidder claiming ownership.

   In June of 2016, the Baker College of Owosso Board of Regents had first voted to put the Lyon-Seegmiller house up for sale to the general public, though it did not sell. The architecturally interesting house has been deteriorating for a number of years, and though many residents have expressed an interest in seeing the home restored, funding has not been available. As for the Hoddy-Curwood house, famed author and conservationist James Oliver Curwood is responsible for the construction of the home, overlooking the Shiawassee River. Many may not realize that Curwood actually studied journalism and even worked as a journalist for the Detroit News-Tribune, before launching his career as a writer. Curwood passed away at the age of 49 in 1927 at his home on W. Williams Street.

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