A PARCEL OF PROPERTY AT 108 N. Chipman St. in Owosso is being considered for industrial rezoning – marking a return designation for the property, which has historically been industrial. The owner wants to utilize the property for a possible indoor, marijuana grow facility.

   The 26,447 square foot warehouse on the property dates to 1920. The site was once utilized by the Mitchell Corporation of Owosso; formerly the Mitchell-Bentley Corporation.

(Independent Photo/Karen Mead-Elford)


  The Owosso Planning Commission listened to public discussion on a rezoning request during the regular monthly meeting on Monday, Nov. 22. The rezoning request at 108 N. Chipman St. to I-L Light Industrial would allow for a new, indoor-only marijuana grow facility.

   Currently, the property is zoned B-3 (commercial) to accommodate a 2012 property merge with Main Street frontage, but a lot split was approved by the Owosso City Council on Monday, Nov. 1. The split divided the property into two parcels – one parcel situated on W. Main Street and a second parcel situated to the north, tucked between the east side of N. Chipman Street and the railroad tracks. The property split was at the request of an applicant listed as JABB Management, LLC.

   Owosso Planning Commissioners present for the Nov. 22 meeting included Chairman Bill Wascher, Secretary Janae Fear, Dan Law, Tadd Morris, Linda Robertson and Thomas Taylor.

   Adam Bronson, property owner, attended the meeting, explaining that the possible rezoning to industrial would allow him to use the property as a marijuana grow facility.

   Some residents disagreed with the potential rezoning. Two residents on Beehler Street objected based on possible smells and because they are concerned about property devaluation. A resident on Riverside Drive wrote a letter regarding her concerns on odor, citing the marijuana odor issue in Chesaning.

   Owosso Planning & Building Director Tanya Buckelew offered that outdoor grow is not permitted in the city of Owosso – the suggested cause of odor problems in other locations – and that the city requires strict adherence regarding odor control in the ordinance.

   The N. Chipman Street property is addressed in the new 2021 city master plan as an area for potential redevelopment, though it is not specifically defined. Historically, the N. Chipman Street property, adjacent to the railroad tracks, was industrial.

   Chairman Bill Wascher and commissioner Linda Robertson shared they were unsure if Owosso needed to add more industrial zones. The commissioners voted 4 to 2. Wascher and Robertson were the no votes.

   The item will now move to Owosso City Council for discussion on a future public hearing, likely sometime in January.

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