Owosso Free Methodist Church will host a Fifth Sunday “Songs-By-Request” worship service this Sunday, Aug. 30, during its 10:45 a.m. worship service. The church is located at 1249 N. Chipman Street. Pastor Mark Kincaid shared that “We’ve had two previous services with this format, and the response has been extremely positive. Many of the song requests were accompanied with personal testimonies about why a particular hymn or gospel song was especially meaningful to them. Lynn Webster, our worship leader, was then able to organize the song requests into a significant time of worship. This Sunday’s service will be based on the 23rd Psalm, one of the Bible’s favorite chapters.”

“I strongly feel that ‘united worship’ (sometimes referred to as ‘blended worship’) is the most effective way to enable four-generations of folks to find a common means of worship through music,” stated Webster. “That’s the demographic profile we see every Sunday at our church, so we try to choose the music accordingly. This service is a special way to allow them to put their favorite songs into the worship song list.”

Pastor Kincaid noted that, “Many of today’s songs played on Christian radio stations are well-received in churches today. At the same time, many hymns that were written a long time ago, contain a valued message of biblical truth that needs to be shared with younger believers today. This enables our diverse generations to be united in worship, thus sharing songs from different eras in a relevant way.”

Webster closed by issuing an invitation to attend the “Songs-By-Request” service: “I want to encourage area friends to come and hear some of their favorite songs – I’m confident the service will be a special blessing!”

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