SUSAN MONTENEGRO, Owosso’s assistant city manager/Community Development director, gave an update to the City Council during the Monday, Oct. 5, meeting on work with owners of Trebor Industries on E. Howard follow complaints in the summer from neighbors and a city council directive to move toward court proceedings.

She wrote in a memo: “A silt plan was submitted and approved by the building inspector and a silt fence has been installed. One drain required felt on it to stop any sedimentation from getting into the storm sewers. A site plan still needs to be submitted to the Planning Commission for approval.

“Trebor has submitted a variance request to be heard by the Zoning Board of Appeals on Tuesday, Oct. 20, 2015. The request calls for a 6-foot fence around the property that abuts residential properties and asks for a 20-foot variance from the center of the road (where it ends in front of their property) to reduce loading restrictions that would be imposed if the full 40-foot setback were enforced. I have attached a copy of the public notice and the variance application for your review.

“Meetings and conversations between city staff and both Mr. (Bob) Selleck and Ms. (Carrie Reid) Hoag are ongoing as a workable solution is sought. Due to my being out of town for the last week a timeline has not yet been developed. One will be prepared and submitted for the Oct. 19 city council meeting.”

Resident Alberta Phillips spoke during the meeting Oct. 5 and has said the street has been blocked with semis. In the past, residents have said city police will not issue tickets when the streets are blocked. Some have said the Shiawassee County Sheriff’s Office or the Michigan State Police should be called to assure that streets are not blocked. (Independent Photo/BILL CONSTINE)

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