The following information was provided directly from the individual candidates running for Owosso City Council. Information was edited for clarity. All candidates running were contacted.

Mike Cline

   Mike Cline has announced he is running for Owosso City Council “for many reasons.” He has worked and lived in the city all of his life and believes “Owosso is going down hill. Example: just look at the Matthew’s Building. Is this what we want people to see who want to buy our homes or shop in the downtown? Look at the houses that have couches between the curb and sidewalk. This is a result of city hall/city council not doing their jobs. City hall is broken and I am the one who will fix it when.”

   Cline explained he thinks when it comes to jobs, the city has Justin Horvath of SEDP and city of Owosso tax payers are paying a special tax to pay his salary. “My specialty will be to resolve citizens complaints, whether they call me or come to a council meeting – their questions and issues will get resolved. I will always vote no on any tax rate increases and will never approve to put something in your neighborhood that I would not want in mine. The four years I served previously on council between 2004 and 2009, I was the council member to never be late or miss a meeting. I would appreciate your vote.”

Richard Levitski III

   Richard Levitski III is running for Owosso City Council. He shared via email he has “been a citizen of Owosso” his whole life, growing up “out past the Sunoco tanks” on M-21. His first employment positions were in Owosso, and once he left, he was eager to return.

   He has been involved in community organizations such as the downtown Owosso Masonic Lodge.

   “When the opportunity arose for me to help the people of Owosso by representing them on city council, I stepped forward. It’s something I’ve been talking about for a while and I figured I could probably put my money where my mouth is. Beyond that, I think I can do a halfway decent job,” Levitski stated. “There’s a saying that goes around a lot of the old military and survivalist types, “Rule 303,” doesn’t have a pretty origin, but it basically boils down to ‘if I have the means to do something, then I have the responsibility to.’”

   “I believe that I can do a good job helping the people of Owosso, and therefore, I have the responsibility to try,” he said.

Susan J. Osika

   Susan J. Osika is running for Owosso City Council. Osika is 64. Her government experience includes serving as Owosso Mayor Pro Tem from 2016 to present, serving as a board member on Owosso Main Street/DDA, a commissioner on the Owosso Historical Commission, a member of Owosso Main Street Promotions and a subcommittee member with Owosso streetscape and beautification.

   Osika is retired after 40 years of working in the business and nonprofit sector. She is a Corunna High School graduate with a Bachelor of Business Administration from Baker College.

   She shared, “My candidacy is based on a foundation of civic engagement. Throughout my career, I have focused on positions that support and promote our community. I learned early on that my success is tied to the success of others. Finding ways to partner with other organizations, through volunteerism or promotion, leads to success for all. I present my proven record of leadership, fiscal responsibility, problem solving, and years of council experience, as qualifications for consideration. I have been honored to serve as a Council Member for the City of Owosso. If reelected, I look forward to facing new challenges while continuing the meaningful work of the City.”

   “The survival of Owosso businesses is a major concern,” she said. “Not unlike other communities, the COVID-19 pandemic has taken its toll. We must come together as a community to not only support our local businesses, but become ambassadors promoting our local commerce.”

Robert J. Teich, Jr.

   Robert J. Teich, Jr. is running for Owosso City Council. He has previously been a city council member. Teich is 68, married to Kathy for 39 years and has three children that all attended Owosso Public Schools. He is a 1971 Owosso High Graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in Business Management from Olivet College. He is currently employed with CECO Environmental as the Regional Sales Manager. He and his wife own a business: The Storage Shed. Teich is a member of the Kiwanis Club of Owosso, Kiwanis Village (KVO) Board President, Shiawassee District Library Board Secretary and serves on the Owosso Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA).

   Teich is interested in tackling city concerns regarding infrastructure and housing “with the goal of attracting new businesses including manufacturing, commercial and retail.”

   “When it comes to Owosso infrastructure (ex: Roads, Wastewater Treatment Plant, Water Plant, Parks), keeping up on maintenance is always key. My goal is to always keep up on the short term and long term needs and support required maintenance using common financial sense,” he shared.

   “Owosso is also in need of more housing, to grow the tax base and attract new businesses, which I will push for if elected,” said Teich.

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