OWOSSO BAKER JILL DAVIS is one of 12 national finalists to compete in the upcoming Halloween Baking Championship television competition.

(Independent Photo/Karen Mead-Elford)


   The Food Network’s Halloween Baking Championship is a national, baking competition, television show and for at least the first episode of season 8 – set for Monday, Sept. 12 – one of the twelve competitors from throughout the U.S. is a baker/business owner from Owosso. Her name is Jill Davis and she owns and operates Drizzle Cakes and Bakes of Owosso. Davis will be competing with other creative souls from Arizona, Texas, Pennsylvania, Colorado and more in this new season. The first episode has been filmed and is ready to air and Davis could not be more excited to represent the Owosso community, her family and to have the opportunity to show the depth of her culinary talent.

   The Halloween Baking Championship premiered in 2015. The end goal is to crown the most talented baker of creepy, spooky, ghoulish – but fun and tasty – desserts. The show is currently hosted by John Henson and includes a panel of judges. One baker is eliminated in each episode until the final few compete in a winner-takes-all event.

  Davis recently shared she started baking as a teenager, competing in 4-H in St. Clair County where she grew up in a small town. Inspired by her mother who always baked the household birthday cakes, Davis had her mother teach her to bake. She shared she was “more of a creative child, so when I started baking, I thought this is what I’m going to do and have been chasing this dream ever since.”

     In summer 2019, Davis started her Drizzle Cakes business. She had a small baby boy, had been working a job in Fenton where there was a “lot of back and forth” commuting. She wanted to work from home, so her first business foray was at the Downtown Owosso Farmers Market. Drizzle Cakes and Bakes operates under the Michigan Cottage Food Law, allowing her to create from her Owosso home. From her start at the local farm market, Davis now has a full-time business she loves – baking custom cakes and designing specialized, curated dessert tables for events.

   Along the path of her career, leaving St. Clair County, she attended Central Michigan University, seeking an entrepreneurship in Food Service Administration. She then jumped into culinary school, which she admitted had many pros and cons and amounted to spending a “lot of money for something I could have learned on site.” Many chefs, she explained, prefer to train their staff on site since consistency in the food industry is critical. Eventually, Davis concluded she didn’t want to create for someone else. She wanted to create baked goods that represented her own style.

   Following marrying her husband, Carl, an Owosso native, Davis and her family have settled into the Owosso area. The couple first invested in a home in Westown, but now that they have two small children, they bought a second home to live-in and rent their first home.

   Perhaps the most difficult item to tackle in the process, upon discovering she had been accepted as one of 12 national finalists, was keeping the surprise a secret. Davis explained that her husband works for AT&T, so since she is generally the main child care parent, she had to find ways to avoid answering where she was heading off to when leaving the state to shoot the premier episode. The Food Network has a strict cast contract, so nothing could be shared until two weeks before the announcement of the TV date. She is still unable to discuss some subjects.

   Regarding the cast, Davis offered they have stayed in contact. She said her cast-mates were friendly, cordial and helpful – when they could be. “We all knew it is a competition show, but we all liked each other and it is both very exciting and also stressful,” she said.

    The Halloween Baking Championship on Food Network will kick-off season 8 on Monday, Sept. 12 at 9 p.m. For more on Drizzle Cakes and Bakes, visit drizzlecakesandbakes.com or check out Facebook.

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