CHILD ADVOCACY CENTER (CAC) employees have been amazed by the number of Beanie Babies recently donated to the center. The donations were spurred by a social media request for Beanie Babies, and the single post has resulted in an overwhelming response from the community.

  The CAC provides free counseling to children and adolescents who are victims of child abuse or sexual assault. At the end of each counseling session, clients choose a small gift to take home. Beanie Babies became the favorite choice after a large supply of them were donated to the center a year ago. When the center came to the end of its supply of Beanie Babies, their counselor posted a request on social media asking for individuals to donate any unwanted Beanie Babies to the center. The response was incredible. For weeks, community members dropped off bags and boxes stuffed full of them.

  Diane Bowen, who also saw the post, organized two collections of Beanie Babies. One collection was at Covenant Eyes, where she works, and another was through the Women’s Missionary Union of Michigan that she is a part of. The Beanie Babies are something that young clients can look forward to at the end of a difficult session, and a collectable item by which they can remember the progress that they have made when they no longer need services at the center.

  Diane Bowen (center) can be seen with her donation of Beanie Babies, along with (from left) Kasidee Rainge, CAC BSW Intern; Marvel Mulholland, CAC Crisis Counselor; Diane Bowen, Covenant Eyes and Women’s Missionary Union; Olga Mathis, CAC Forensic Interviewer/Intake Coordinator; and Jasmine Schoemann, CAC BSW Intern.

(Courtesy Photo)

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