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   Laura McGuire, Director of the Shiawassee County Old Newsboys and President of the Durand Eagles, presented a $10,000 check to the Clothes Closet program at Robert Kerr and Bertha Neal Elementary schools. Cathy Mitchell, Durand Intervention Teacher and founder of the “Clothes Closets” program, accepted the check, representing the teachers and staff gathered at the school board meeting.

   The purpose of the donation was to utilize available Old Newsboys funds in the most efficient manner that satisfies the goal of the Old Newsboys, which is to assist local children with their health and welfare.

   This program was chosen after much research throughout the county. It was decided that the existing Clothes Closets in Robert Kerr and Bertha Neal Elementary Schools had the ongoing need with an efficient and respectful process to distribute new clothes directly to students, thus increasing the number of children that can be assisted.

   The donation will help local kids. Records show that in Robert Kerr alone, almost $5,000 was spent on clothes for kids in 2021. The decision was made to release available funds now when it can be most effective by allowing the educators and their teams to have the assets available when the need arises and reduce stress on the staff. This donation will not replace the Old Newsboy’s annual Christmas packages as that program, the annual paper drive and the live auction at the Durand Eagles in the second weekend of December will continue into it’s 27th year.

   On behalf of the Durand Eagles, McGuire would like to thank everyone who sponsors Old Newsboys/Durand Eagles events, contributes to the paper drive, buys items at the live auction or volunteers to make all of it happen.  

   If interested in donating or assisting, please call Laura McGuire at (810) 853-0061.

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