SENIORS FROM THE CULINARY ARTS class at Owosso High School have been hosting third-grade students from among the Owosso School district to come into their classroom to help them learn about nutrition. The third-graders are currently studying nutrition and this experience enhanced their learning curriculum.

Six third-grade classrooms visited the Culinary Arts class to learn information on counting calories, which are good calories and which are bad ones. Portion sizes and what your body needs to get through a day. What color food is best for you and which color should be avoided? Is pop and juice good for you? And while exercising, what is the best drink? How much exercise does a person need and how to best get it.

These third-graders, from Mark Clark’s classroom, (shown) seemed to enjoy the presentations from the seniors and even had a tour of the Culinary Arts classroom showing the different equipment needed and used in a cooking classroom.

Currently the Culinary Arts classes, taught by Hannah Poyner, are learning not only helpful and useful cooking skills that might be utilized in a restaurant setting, but also the skill of waiting on tables and how to correctly serve food to a customer. (Independent Photo/Elizabeth Wehman)

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