NERO THE SERVICE DOG and his handler, Perry Officer Sean Gifford, demonstrated a few of Nero’s skills Tuesday, Aug. 2 during Perry’s 18th Annual National Night Out that was held in front of Perry City Hall on Polly St. The event is celebrated nationally as a day to strengthen the relationship between officers and community members.

Nero’s demonstration thrilled everyone in attendance Tuesday, except Officer Phillip Hruska, as the four-year-old German Shepherd showed just how ferocious he can be when prompted. The canine obeyed Officer Gifford’s every command, though he was very anxious to show off his biting skills.

Nero was trained by his German owners to be animal and people aggressive, a behavior that has been corrected through constant training. Gifford credited Nero with being “highly trainable,” and described how the dog’s supreme physical abilities can be harnessed to create the perfect police sidekick. In addition to being intimidating, Nero has been trained to track people by detecting crushed vegetation and shed skin cells. He is also very useful when sweeping a building, and he can be trained to smell “pretty much anything if there’s a reward involved.” (Independent Photo/Graham Sturgeon)

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