TIM DRAEGER OF MOMS DEMAND ACTION For Gun Sense (Genesee County) spoke to the committee Wednesday evening. Draeger, who is a gun owner, had sent a letter to Commissioners Brandon Marks and Jeremy Root detailing numerous reasons why the 2nd Amendment Sanctuary resolutions do nothing to advance objectives in the debate to enforce gun violence prevention laws. Draeger also confirmed that such resolutions have no legal force and actually undermine the rule of law across the country – a concept similarly expressed by Commissioner Marlene Webster.

   “Sheriffs, county boards, and other local politicians take an oath to uphold and enforce the law; they are not empowered – as the resolutions wrongly suggest – to decide for themselves which laws are constitutional and which are not,” Draeger stated in the letter. “The resolutions are also dangerous: they are likely to have a chilling effect on people who otherwise might use a life-saving gun safety law to prevent a suicide, homicide or mass shooting …”

   To follow more on Draeger or what other individuals said, please review the meeting on YouTube.

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